Trevor and Graham, two nerdy wargaming friends, use an allotment shed as a hideaway from Trevor's overbearing wife, Bobbi. When one day they emerge into sunlight, and the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, the two buddies adopt their wargaming alter-egos in order to rescue the women in their lives - Bobbi, and the ever luscious Harriet - a femme fatale that both Trevor and Graham can only fantasise about.

PRODUCERS:                       Nicholas David Lean & James Flsher        

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:      7DM Studios / WBM / Oceanstorm Films                        

STATUS:                              Completed


A bank robbery has unexpected consequences for a rogue polititical group looking for independence from the IRA in 1970's Dublin. 5 x 1hr serialized drama. Based on the award-winning short film of the same name.

PRODUCERS:                      Nicholas David Lean         

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:     Oceanstorm Films                          

STATUS:                             Completed


A family in crisis find themselves trapped in a world far from the one they once lived, as redemption from guilt and paternal betrayal determine who lives and who dies.

PRODUCERS:                      Nicholas David Lean         

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:     Oceanstorm Films                          

STATUS:                             Completed


Award-winning short narrative about a family thrown into chaos after the disappearance of their impressionable daughter when she unknowingly purchases a doll with mystical powers from the creepy organiser of a random yard sale. 

PRODUCERS:                      Nicholas David Lean       

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:     Oceanstorm Films  /  Shida Ciao                       

STATUS:                             Completed



A retired soldier returns home to his parents' farmstead to find it in a state of disrepair, and failing to hold its own in a world teetering on the edge of economic implosion. With a rejection from his local bank following an application for a loan, Owen Masterson doesn't see a way out. But a foiled armed robbery of a local post office sees Masterson pursued across that same farmland by a team of Police marksmen. Events spiral out of Masterson's control and he ends up with only one option - to fight. Drawing on all his skills he ensures that the victory will not be theirs. A crime drama with a huge twist this is the story we all wish we could be a part of - with an end that sees justice and order restored to the way it always should be.

PRODUCERS:                      Nicholas David Lean 

COMPANIES:                       Oceanstorm Films  

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:     Oceanstorm Films                       

STATUS:                             In Post Production


OSF - Visual FX

This is just a brief summary of some of the services Oceanstorm Films and its partner company OSFVFX can offer your production, whether that be a feature, a short, a corporate gig needing something to wow your client, or even a full-blown commercial. whatever your needs we can help you achieve your goals.

How can we help you ?

The team is made up of highly skilled artists, who have worked on various projects like Gravity, 300, Balde Runner, Wonder Woman, Avengers-Infinity War, Deadpool, Aquaman, Black Panther, Dr Strange, and lots more besides, as well as on commercials for brands like Mercedes, GMC, Nike, Dell, Alienware, Capital One, McDonalds, Lenovo, and many more

Get in touch with us, and we can show you more. Seeing is believing, after all.

Whether you are seeking simple clean-up work, partial or full CGI creation including background and foreground elements, or looking for a VFX Supervisor to be with you on set during those all-important setups, OSFVFX can offer you a solution to whatever your needs are.

Expertise in helping you create those visual moments of awe isn't an issue. Whether it's a feature, a music video, a high-end commercial, or a striking short film, we can tailor our professionals' skillsets to meet your budget.

What can we do for you?

1) Rotoscope:

Rotoscoping is the rotated projection of a sequence of usually photographed action image frames so that the artist can trace from the frame, or create an image to superimpose on it.

Rotoscoping of characters or objects produces alpha mattes for VFX Compositing, Stereo Conversion, or Colour Correction.

2) Paint and Prep work:

This involves the Digital Paint-in of missing elements or paint-out of unwanted elements. The Process helps create mattes that accurately reflect the motion of a particular object over a series of frames.

By creative sleight of hand, the Oceanstorm Films VFX dept can remove wires and markers without jitter and with proper re-graining

3) Match Move :

Match moving is a cinematic technique that allows the insertion of computer graphics into live-action footage with correct position, scale, orientation, and motion relative to the photographed objects in the shot.

4) Composting:

Compositing is the Creative process of assembling and combining filmed or rendered elements from multiple sources, to create a final life-like illusion or fantastical visual effects, delivered as a set of still or moving pictures. It combines visual elements from separatesources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene.

So as you can see the artists are extremely experienced in Rotoscope, Paint, Composition, Match Move, and Camera Track.

The team is headed by Paul Babu, and our Technical Supervisor, Gianluca Dentici.

Mostly reliant upon the latest hardware and software provided by AppleMac our technicians are nevertheless experienced with PC and use the following VFX and Editing packages:

Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, Maya, Nuke, Shake, 3D Max, Katana & Mudbox, Combustion, Digital Fusion, Flame, PFTrack, DaVinci Resolve, Baselight, Sony Vegas, ProTools, FCP, Blender, Shotgun, and Mocha.

This list is not exhaustive as all Post & CGI programs come and go in popularity, and continually upgrade and change in available facilities. Take a look at the following showreel for an idea of what we can create for your project.

So check out our VFX options, and our showreels at: and drop us a message. I'm sure we can be of assistance.