We have a healthy slate of projects both feature length and short form constantly available for finance discussions and sale negotiation.


Whilst we have periods of the year when we entertain unsolicited submissions we are always open to other options and co-production opportunities, as well as actively seeking commercial material from cross-over platforms to option and develop.


Oceanstorm Films is particularly suited to, and interested in, the synergy created between film, concept art and graphic novels - and is actively seeking to develop in those areas.


Please be aware of our submission policies.




Oceanstorm Films has the necessary facilities and contacts to see any production concept through all stages of the film-making process and beyond into marketing and distribution.


With a solid network of collaborators, and a history of sales and distribution it is able to get finished products into the marketplace. It has an extensive directory of post production facilities, Colour Graders, VFX Technicians, Composers, Sales Agents, and Distributors, all ready to work with it.




Oceanstorm Films is also engaged in the development, and production of other material by aspiring screenwriters and producers seeking executive production services.


With a core of creative collaboratives with over 100 years combined experience, successful in their own fields and with their own material, the company is able to offer a full production service like no other.





Script Editing

Assistant Directing

Line Producing



Budgeting & Scheduling

Post Supervision



At our core we are a highly experienced collective of filmmakers, and creatives artists with partnerships formed over several decades, as well as an enviable network of technical, creative and management personnel on our books.


We are, consequently, in the perfect position to assist you in the management of your production - whether that be a feature film, a short form programme, or a high-end commercial.



* Nicholas David Lean

* Clare Nixon

* Lawrence Rose

* Finbarr Delaney


For personal bios please refer to the link above.





" Success is measured not by the difficulties overcome,

but by one's continued willingness to try. "


Currently in financing for Summer 2017.


Currently in development as a 3 x 1hr

TV mini-drama for 2018.

Oceanstorm Films continues to develop a slate of mainstream, commercial feature film projects with solid social commentaries as well as offering for sale, option, or production, an inventory of well crafted and innovative scripts in all genres. Whilst a substantial number of projects are available for sale, or are in production development, an even greater number of projects remain on slate for future long-term development.


There are also a large number of ideas and concepts which, already well crafted into treatments, are not on the current slate for budgetary reasons. Whilst Oceanstorm Films isn’t presently engaged in the production of it's entire short film inventory, the company does have a number of short scripts and featurettes which it is producing as vehicles for raising profile and awareness of the company through festival submission. It is also involved in the development of new projects where scripts have the capacity to be lengthened into feature format. These projects will potentially serve as vehicles for new talent looking to make their feature directorial, or leading role debuts.