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Nicholas David Lean - CEO / Producer

Nicholas has spent the last 21 years creating a slate of exciting and fresh genre-led motion picture screenplays as the senior creative. He wrote, directed, and produced his debut feature film, the award-winning and hard-hitting psychological thriller “Dead End”. 2018 saw the emergence of "Shed of the Dead" a film he helped conceive, and ultimately produce, and he is currently prepping the exciting fantasy horror "The Candy House", with Rosanne Milliken, producer of the hilarious "Tucker and Dale vs Evil". It is due to shoot in British Columbia, Canada in 2019. He is also working on structuring three separate international co-productions with UK, Belgian, and USA partners - "What Lies Beneath" - a revenge thriller genre-bender set in the coastal waters of Massachusetts filming on a proposed $5m budget; "TDA" - a unique spin on the traditional British heist / thriller flick, set in London and exposing a new crime underbelly to the usual gangster fare set in the UK. And "Overdrive", a containment thriller set in Germany, but filming on dates yet to be set in The Ardennes forests of Belgium in association with Daniel Maze of Maze Films. 2019 will also see the opening of a new studio facility under his other company, 7th Dimension Films, in Surrey, together with business partner James Fisher, and with production and post facilities to rival any of the existing studio facilities in the Southeast.

Clare Nixon - Associate Producer / Production Coordinator

Clare has worked within the world of beauty and media for over 20 years.  As the manager of a Knightsbridge salon for 10 years she finally made the move into media via exclusive publications such as Vogue and Hello magazines.  After a successful few years on assignment that included working with celebrity clientele such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Mariah Carey, and President George Bush, she decided that she both wanted and needed a new challenge so enrolled at Bournemouth Arts University to study SFX.  Since then her career has continued to climb, and she has worked post-graduation on such shows as Celebrity Juice, Tiny Tots Talent Agency, and The Fear. She has been engaged by Sky, Channel 4, and BBC, as well as other television networks, and has developed enviable levels of experience working in film, both long form feature, and short, as well as some commercials / infomercials. Absolutely in love with the process of film she takes great (maybe too much) personal delight in creating bullet wounds, missing limbs and disfigurements – weird as that might sound. She is definitely on the path she laid out for herself, constantly on the look out for exciting fresh projects into which she can inject her considerable skill and expertise.

Lawrence Rose - PA

Lawrie  has regularly been described by producers and directors alike as “an asset to have on any set”. He is a versatile PA and promising 1st Assistant Director with over 5 years’ experience in the industry. Working on an independent feature in Missouri in the United States, he picked up the nickname 'the Wolf', taken from Pulp Fiction. It was given because you could call upon to get any task done, and to this end received an additional special mention in the films credits. He has worked as an AD on a wide variety of projects; from micro-budget shorts, to independent features with budgets up to half a million pounds. He has worked across many other departments, and it is this breadth of experience is what Lawrence believes make him a more effective 1st AD. With more than just good time management and organisational skills, Lawrence enjoys getting the best out of his crews. His management style is effective, he is likeable and respected, understands when he needs to be firm to maintain control. He is adept at working flexibly; adapting to prevent potential problems, solving them quickly and efficiently when they do occur. He enjoys the collective energy of being in production on set. Lawrence is a keen photographer in his free time, and his eye for detail has followed him into the film world – watching out for things that others might miss. Having brought a fire engine he has also got his U.K. Category C (HVG) driving license increasing the pool of talents he can bring to the table.

Finnbarr Delaney - Associate Producer

A passionate, eccentric stage and film actor. Finbarr has immersed himself in many varied roles on both stage and in film, always remaining true to his craft and method. Finbarr has studied with Rada for Shakespeare, and delved into the more obscure world of Bouffon with legendary Master Bouffon Philippe Gaulier. Finbarr has uniquely incorporated all aspects of his training over the years to arrive at his own unique method delivering truly original characters. Born an Aquarian in 1983, Finbarr has known comedy, tragedy and irony in his life from an early age. As a boy, Finbarr used to do an impression of Christy Brown's "My Left Foot", this was done to such an extent that mocking was rife. A few years on, Finbarr was in a serious road traffic accident, in which he lost the use of the right side of his body so had to re-learn how to walk, talk, read, write all over again at the age of eleven. Finbarr is certainly part of a new, exciting crop of film actors blazing a path to success. When he's not treading the boards, or immersing himself in feature film characterization, he fulfills the role of Associate Producer , assisting in the development, organisation, and production of the film slate for presentation to investors and distribution outlets. With a particular skillset biased towards IT he is a versatile and genuinely proactive filmmaker / actor with a bright future ahead of him.

Paul Babu - Head of VFX 

Paul has spent over 10 years working in post-production, specifically specialising in commercials, film, and television, and most of that in management roles developing sales and delivery pipelines to access the Asian, European, and US markets. He has technical and managerial experience in the creation of virtual and practical outsource services between continental industries, maintaining and nurturing strategic relationships with production and advertising companies at the highest levels. His producer skills have been tested in the development of bids and pitching for post production work as well as in the timely delivery of visual FX work for companies as big as Disney and Fox. He has a wealth of recruiting expertise in his sector and a 'black book' of artists and technicians working in Paint, Rotoscope, Composition, and General CGI. Paul joins Oceanstorm Films from one of the largest Visual FX companies in Bangalore, India, and a company responsible for work on both the Pirates of the Carribean and Fast 'n' Furious franchises.

Whilst this isn't exactly a blog, we do endeavour to try to keep it up-to-date with information of what industry things Oceanstorm Films is up to in terms of projects and development. So do check back periodically !









Oceanstorm Films welcomes Paul Babu onto the company roster as Head of VFX, running Oceanstorm Film's new VFX Office in Bangalore, India. Paul brings a huge amount of experience to OSF's operations, with management and technical artistry in Roto, Paint, and Composition. We hope to be able to extend our skillsets to third party production entities looking for a VFX solution to their films, television projects, and high end commercials.

Oceanstorm Films assists in finalising the first distribution elements for SHED of the DEAD release, now scheduled as Saturday May 20th, for the USA, UK, and Germany, with guidance and strategy from PR partners STRIKE MEDIA, as a day and date release. We are happy to announce our trio of distribution partners as Meteor Films (Ger), The Movie Parnership (UK), and Indican Pictures (US). Others for Aus/NZ, Benelux, and South America are in the pipeline.

Strategic partners from Germany have recently journied to China to speak directly with investors, and are currently in talks to finance Oceanstorm Film's heist thriller TDA: TAKEN & DRIVEN AWAY for a £3m production in London, with cast from both Europe and China anticipated to be involved.

Work has begun on two new screenplays in the wake of a successful AFM 2018 - gaining from the knowledge acquired to pre-sell in the Action Thriller subgenre our infection-apocalypse story PATIENT ZERO and an as yet UNITITLED limited location horror that similarly taps into the same psyche that Blumhouse Productions has made their own. Whilst in won't be a Paranormal Activity or anything like, it will be the sort of movie that chills audiences to the bone.

We have now entered the sales phase of our latest production in association with 7DM Studios, "SHED OF THE DEAD" having finalised post production and mastered the finished film.

Entering the financing stage of WHAT LIES BENEATH - with assistance from our US Attorney Mr Corky Kessler, and taking advantage of fantastic finance and tax relief  in the US currently to set locations on the East coast  in Massachusetts, not far from where the film "The Perfect Storm" was shot. Watch this space foir more updates !

Joining with favoured VFX partners in India, on the Childrens animation project "MISSION XMAS-ABLE" in preparation for a Christmas season 2019 release with one of the primary streaming networks. Pre-Production has begun with 2D character artwork and 3D wire renders.

Development has begun on a new project, "Breakdown", a thriller narrative that sits in the same ballpark as such classics as "Duel", "The Hitcher", and "Joyride", with a female protagonist, and the eponymous 'shadowy villain', Only this time our villain has a very interesting and troubled background that lends itself terrifyingly to the world of terror he creates for anyone unfortunate enough to break down at the side of the road. The white knight of our driving woes is, worrying, anything but a saviour.

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