PROJECT NEWS: 18/09/16


Two new scripts have been completed:


LOCH OF THE IRISH - aka Jurassic Pike, this black comedy set in Northern Ireland is about a group of college students hunted by a mythological fish that has local residents mumbling into their Guiness and crossing themselves with incantations. Sitting neatly between "Piranha", "Lake Placid", and "Mrs Brown's Boys", the project "Loch of the Irish" will punch above its weight with a solid cast of amazing talent with a budget to rival the very best comedies of UK independent cinema.


SIREN - a mysterious revenge thriller with a seaborne theme. Pitched as one woman's search for her lost identity and the events that led to her near drowning, it is a tale that has a feel reminiscent of "Hannah" or could even be described as "Splash meets Species" but with a twist that will shock and unsettle even the most hardened of cinema audiences. This project is being scheduled as a low budget independent production, with a cast of complete newcomers, that will test the filmmmakers resolve in filming on location as much as the audiences ability to unravel the mystery.















PROJECT NEWS: 12/08/16


August saw principal, Nicholas David Lean, and Head of Makeup & SFX Services, Clare Nixon, working with producers on the low budget cybercrime thriller MILK & HONEY, starring Mark Wingett and Clare King. OSF was able to bring AD, Fight Choreography and 2nd Unit / Additional photography and directing services to the production to ensure a smooth passage through the first phase of production, whilst Makeup & SFX were handled by Clare Nixon through her company Charmed Events & Styling.
















THE CANDY HOUSE continues ahead for a spring 2017 production with Rosanne Milliken of Gynormous Pictures (Vancouver) producing and working closely with OSF to complete this fresh interpretation of Grimm's fairy tales. With a top level cast targeted Rosanne, the producer behind 2010's supremely funny "Tucker n Dale vs. Evil", brings a huge amount of experience to OSF's first international co-production.













SAZEZONE continues to seek finance abroad for its Afghani war thriller, with Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood targeted for lead roles.














As work continues to build Oceanstorm Film's partner company (7DM Studios) towards establishing their premises in Surrey, and a growing slate of feature productions that will carry their independent sector trademark, TDA: TAKEN & DRIVEN AWAY is gaining momentum with interest from several distributors. Cast discussions are ongoing with both Andrew Lincoln and Mark Strong the top targets for this unique and fresh heist thriller. With a flavour of both "Gone in 60 Seconds" and "Reservoir Dogs", it is certainly set up to change the landscape of UK gangster thrillers.