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Oceanstorm Films have the vision and capacity to generate corporate placement promotions, as well as music videos for new and breakout groups and individual artists. Coming from a narrative background we see the cinematic in the productions we design, with campaigns very much in mind for our corporate clients, and individual identity presentation for our artists. Whether its a new product placement or just the pre-release of a new single, we can conceptualise and deliver the best moving image promotional tool to support that goal.

Doritos summer campaign from 2012 one of several comissioned

Livecash Poker - infomercial taking advantage of the new turn towards gambling advertisements on TV.

Sophia - Asian Pop starlet from Manchester breakout single !

Safekids - Dangers in the Home Campaign


Whilst this isn't exactly a blog, we do endeavour to try to keep it up-to-date with information of what industry things Oceanstorm Films is up to in terms of projects and development. So do check back periodically !





We have now entered the sales phase of our latest production in association with 7DM Studios, "SHED OF THE DEAD" having finalised post production and mastered the finished film.

Entering the financing stage of WHAT LIES BENEATH - with assistance from our US Attorney Mr Corky Kessler, and taking advantage of fantastic finance and tax relief in the US currently to set locations on the East coast in Massachusetts, not far from where the film "The Perfect Storm" was shot. Watch this space foir more updates !

Joining with favoured VFX partners in India, Unifimedia, on the Childrens animation project "MISSION XMAS-ABLE" in preparation for a Christmas season 2018 release with one of the primary streaming networks. Pre-Production has begun with 2D character artwork and 3D wire renders.

Development has begun on a new project, "Breakdown", a thriller narrative that sits in the same ballpark as such classics as "Duel", "The Hitcher", and "Joyride", with a female protagonist, and the eponymous 'shadowy villain', Only this time our villain has a very interesting and troubled background that lends itself terrifyingly to the world of terror he creates for anyone unfortunate enough to break down at the side of the road. The white knight of our driving woes is, worrying, anything but a saviour.

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